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Omega Benefit Strategies offers a suite of premium administration services that take the hassle away from employers, employees, insurance agents, and carriers. We do the work of collecting, reconciling and remitting, so they don’t have to! OBS collects insurance premium on a weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly basis, without the need for a traditional payroll deduction slot. Policy holders can choose the payment method which best meets their needs:

  1. ACH payments from checking or savings accounts
  2. Debit or credit card payments
  3. Direct Deposit payments 

All payment methods mirror the policy holder’s pay cycle, for added ease and convenience.


  • No cost
  • Easy 1-time set up
  • Greater retention of policy holders and clients
  • Hassle-free benefits appeal to employers


  • Low cost
  • Set it and forget it billing
  • No bill, no checks to write
  • Deductions mirror payroll for added ease and convenience
  • No change in policy or payments if you change jobs


  • No cost
  • Monthly payments are made on time
  • Same day payments processed online
  • Detailed reconciliation sent with payments
  • Greater retention of policy holders and clients


  • No cost
  • Easy 1-time set up
  • No deductions to collect or bills to pay
  • No terminations to process
  • Hassle-free benefits – OBS handles it all

Single Source Billing And Fees:

OBS Administers weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments, covering multiple policies across multiple carriers, with a minimal administrative fee. The fee covers all account administration, premium reconciliation, remittance to multiple carriers, and reporting. The fee is paid by the policyholder and is disclosed on the OBS Deduction Authorization Agreement. Fees are pro-rated depending on the deduction frequency, matching the policy holder’s pay cycle.

Each deduction frequency are listed below:

Weekly (52 pay cycles per year )
Bi-weekly (26 pay cycles per year)
Semi-monthly (24 pay cycles per year)
Monthly (12 pay cycles per year)

OBS Deduction Authorization Agreements are customized for each employer group and disclose the appropriate administrative fee.

How Do OBS’s Payment Methods Differ From Traditional Payroll Deductions?

With traditional payroll deduction, premiums are collected within the payroll system. Premium deductions are subtracted from the gross pay in determining the net pay. The employer must hold the premium deductions in an internal general ledger account until it is time to pay the bill. The employer is expected to manage the bill including all payments, reconciliation, terminations, etc. When employees terminate employment, the employer has to contact the insurance carrier, to remove the employee from the bill.

OBS can manage each step of the premium administration process, eliminating the employer’s responsibility altogether. We collect the premium, reconcile and pay all invoices, process changes and terminations, and contact the employees and carriers as needed. Also, most coverage is portable, so policies and payments can remain active, regardless of employee terminations or status changes.

What Happens If A Deposit Is Missed?

If a premium payment is not received, or is declined, the policy holder receives an email alert or a letter from OBS. The employee can contact us to re-schedule their payment, or change their payment information. If the employee has terminated, they can continue their coverage through ACH or debit/credit card payments.

What Happens When A Policyholder Changes Jobs? Does The Employer, Policyholder, Or Agent Have To Do Anything?

No action is needed from the employer or the agent if a policy holder changes jobs. ACH, debit card, and credit card payments continue as usual. Direct deposit payments can be converted to ACH, debit card or credit card payments at any time. The policy stays active unless the policy holder decides to cancel.

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